ClimateWise sub principles

  • 2.1 Work with policy makers nationally and internationally to help them develop and maintain an economy that is resilient to climate risk. This should include supporting the implementation of emissions reductions targets and where applicable supporting Government action that seeks to enhance the resilience and reduce the environmental impact of infrastructure and communities.
  • 2.2 Promote and actively engage in public debate on climate change and the need for action

How is Lloyd's informing public policy making?

Support global leaders
We are relying on global leaders and policymakers to take the necessary brave steps to avoid dangerous climate change. Lloyd’s has and will continue to support them. Lloyd’s CEO Inga Beale pledged Lloyd’s support for the Target Two Degrees campaign, which raises awareness about the need to tackle global warming. Launched by Insurance Europe, the European insurance and reinsurance federation, the campaign calls on people to support a worldwide commitment to limit the increase in global warming to 2°C. To pledge your support, visit their website.

Power of collaboration 
Lloyd’s continues to be highly involved in the climate change debate and we participate in many cross-industry, UK and international projects and initiatives. Lloyd’s engages with many organisations on climate change – ClimateWise, London Climate Change Partnership, Geneva Association, UK Government departments. Lloyd’s believes that the insurance industry is in a unique position to be able to encourage mitigation and adaptation.

Speaking out 
As stated in its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy , Lloyd’s is committed to “use its position and voice to inform and encourage appropriate action on global social and environmental issues of relevance to insurance, such as climate change”. Lloyd’s has been using different communication tools to raise the issue of climate change, including social media, blogs, its websites and speaking opportunities.

We also continue to produce reports and publish news stories and articles on various aspects of climate change. Through ClimateWise, we are also engaged in numerous activities to encourage and facilitate adaptation on top of our efforts. An example of this is that Lloyd’s, along with other ClimateWise signatories, signed an open letter to the Prudential Regulation Authority calling for more action on building resilience to climate change.

These are just a few examples of how we have and will continue to inform public policy making.  Find out more about our progress with ClimateWise.


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