To proactively support gender diversity, Peter Spires, Head of Legal and Secretariat has been appointed as the Executive Team lead, responsible and accountable for gender diversity and inclusion within the Corporation. Peter is also the Executive Sponsor of “Inspire” – the Lloyd’s Gender Equality network.

Quantifying our diversity aims & ambition
Our target is to achieve at least 40% male and at least 40% female representation in our senior management population over the next 5 years.

To measure gender diversity at different levels in the business, we have split the organisation into quartiles for reporting purposes. As well as giving us sight of gender ratios at different levels of seniority in the business, it also enables us to look at salary comparisons in bandings in line with the expected gender pay gap legislation.

We will share our progress against these goals captured by the D&I scorecard and published in our annual D&I report. We will further support and promote gender diversity with the help of our recruitment partners by ensuring that shortlists for vacancies mirror our goals.

These goals will be built into the annual objectives of the Executive Team and cascaded to our senior management population which in turn are built into our performance management and reward system.

Although these goals refer specifically to gender, we value all forms of diversity equally and welcome the opportunity to report annually on our progress.


Women in Finance charter