Diversity & Inclusion at Lloyd’s

Lloyd’s has “Talent” as one its key strategic priorities and considers diversity and inclusion as good for business. The Corporation and the market work in partnership, through Inclusion@Lloyd’s, to embrace and embed diversity by widening perspectives and sharing best practice.

Building capacity in D&I
Inclusion@Lloyd’s has a five-year roadmap and enrolled a significant (and growing) proportion market firms in its D&I charter.

To complement this guidance, it has launched practical initiatives in support of D&I awareness raising, sharing best practice and promoting role models.

Creating conditions for success
Lloyd’s prioritises and rewards values and behaviours that attract, retain and develop the best talent through a high performance culture. Key to this is to incorporate goals relating to diversity and inclusivity into the objectives of our senior executives in a balanced scorecard approach which inputs into the overall compensation structure of the leadership team.

Supporting a diverse workforce


Dive In Festival 2016

More than 50 events take place over 3 days in 16 cities across 4 continents for the second Dive In festival for diversity and inclusion in insurance. The festival’s core message is that diversity and inclusion are good for business with the title Risk & Opportunity: Don’t get left behind! stressing the fact that global competitiveness is at stake as insurance sets out its stall to attract and retain top talent.

We're on the same team

Diversity profilesInclusion@Lloyd’s is driven by a senior group from the Lloyd’s market

View profiles of the Inclusion@Lloyd's champions

How we promote diversity and inclusion

  • Showing leadership

    Inclusion@Lloyd’s is supporting business leaders to champion diversity. Senior leadership is critically important when it comes to creating an inclusive business culture so we’ve got CEOs signed up to publicly promoting diversity and inclusion. Lloyd’s CEO Inga Beale is sponsoring Inclusion@Lloyd’s and regularly uses her public profile to promote diversity in the workplace.

  • Raising awareness

    Inclusion@Lloyd’s will facilitate discussion, host events and training sessions on diversity and inclusion. Formal learning and informal discussion all help to increase understanding and awareness about the issues.

  • Sharing knowledge

    Inclusion@Lloyd’s members will have a space where they can share what their organisation is doing to promote diversity and inclusion. By learning from each other we can make change happen faster.

  • Increasing transparency

    Inclusion@Lloyd’s will collect statistics on the diversity of employees across the market, so we can benchmark our progress. Transparency on this issue is the only way to understand where we are and where we need to be headed.

  • Creating champions

    Inclusion@Lloyd’s members will each have a senior champion in their organisation. It’s their responsibility to make change within their firm. To be successful inclusion needs accountability.



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