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Release 1 training approach

Lloyd’s will offer Brokers, Managing Agents and ‘direct deal’ Coverholders a blend of self-service learning (e.g. video tutorials and quick reference guides) and virtual instructor-led training to cater for all user preferences. 

Devolved Administrator instructor-led training will be provided pre-go live to allow organisations to set up accounts and allocate permissions for their end-users.

Devolved Administrator training 

Virtual instructor-led training for Devolved Administrators will be delivered in the form of system demos and Q&A.

Training will focus on setting up organisations access controls and end-user permissions configuration, which will be the responsibility of organisation’s Devolved Administrators.

Instructor-led end-user training 

Virtual training will be available pre and post go-live to end-users; it will consist of system demos and Q&A. Sufficient training sessions will be made available to meet market demand.

Pre-Go Live training - Lloyd’s recommends that Brokers, ‘direct deal’ Managing Agents and Coverholders that have imminent July renewals attend pre-go live training. 

Post-go live training will be available to all other end-users and will continue for several months after Release 1 go-live (as required). Users can still register for a dedicated training session post-go live.

Self-service learning can also be accessed from go-live, via Lloyd’s new ServiceNow Knowledge Base and will consist of:

  • Video tutorials – Bitesize video clips showing key system workflows for end-users (e.g. contract registration) and Devolved Admins (e.g. access controls and permissions configuration).
  • Quick-reference articles – Short articles outlining important system features and workflows (e.g. endorsements).

Optional ‘drop-in’ training clinics will be hosted by Lloyd’s to support with user queries. These are expected to continue into 2022 as we roll out future releases of Delegated Contract Manager. 

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