Anne-Gaëlle Leillard
Operations Director - CEO Office, Catlin Group Limited

I think the best thing about the Lloyd’s market is that there’s a lot of scope to do genuinely ground-breaking things. For example, at the moment, Catlin is helping the first Chinese insurance business to operate out of the Lloyd’s market and I am heavily involved in this project. Obviously Lloyd’s has ambitious plans in China for the future – but this is the first time a Chinese company has set up a special purpose arrangement at Lloyd’s. It’s really exciting to be part of making something like this happen.

My first involvement with the Lloyd’s market was with the Corporation of Lloyd’s in Paris where, after a few years, I became Lloyd’s General Representative for France. It was my job to promote the Lloyd’s brand in France and equally to promote France to the Lloyd’s market. It was really interesting because I got to interact with everyone – risk managers, brokers, underwriters, regulatory bodies, market associations, press, all kinds of businesses – you name it.

Now I’m in London, I work in the CEO’s office of the biggest managing agent in the Lloyd’s market. The CEO’s office role covers strategic and business development. That means I could be involved in anything from producing reports on opportunities in emerging economies to helping with mergers and acquisitions. I also do things like write briefing notes for the CEO and attend industry conferences. What I love about it is that it’s really varied. I never know what I’m going to be involved in next, and that is part of the attraction of the role.

To do a job like mine, I think you definitely need good people skills. You also need to be quite calm and able to work under pressure. But what’s most important is that you love learning new things and are really resourceful in finding information. If you’re the kind of person who’ll go the extra mile to solve a problem, you could have a very rewarding career here.