Apprentice FAQ

  • Can I apply for this programme if I don’t have a work visa?

    No, unfortunately all applicants must already have a work visa to be eligible for the programme.

  • Can I apply for this programme if I have already been to university?

    Yes although we would encourage graduates to apply for the Graduate Programme rather than the Apprenticeship programme.

  • Can I reapply if I have been unsuccessful in the past?

    Yes. You will need to follow the online application process and satisfy the necessary eligibility criteria.

  • Do I have to live in the London city boroughs to be eligible for the Lloyd's Programme?

    No. We welcome applicants from all geographical areas but realistically you will need to be able to travel to the City of London daily to fulfil the requirements of the programme.

  • What guarantee is there that I will be employed at the end of the Apprenticeship Programme?

    There is no guarantee of a permanent job at the end of the 12 month contract but we believe that all apprentices will be well placed to find permanent employment within the Lloyd’s market following the training programme.



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