Lauren Cable - Lloyd's Apprentice


Lauren Cable – Lloyd’s Digital Marketing Apprentice

I am on the Digital Marketing apprenticeship scheme in the London, which I started in September 2017. My scheme is 15 months long, where my role is with the same team for the duration of the time. Before I started the scheme I spent two years at college where I gained my A-level qualifications in Media Studies, Business Studies and Use of Maths. I also had a part time job in a retail store.

When starting the scheme, I was most nervous about joining and fitting in to a professional work environment. This was because I was soon joining somewhere that I was not used to and I was unsure how I would be able to adjust to the office norms. I was also very nervous that I would not be able to do any of the work that I was set due to having limited knowledge of digital marketing. However, when I joined my team I quickly realised that there was nothing to be worried about. The working environment was nothing like I expected, everyone is so friendly and always willing to answer any questions you have. I also quickly found out that it is a lot more relaxed than I had initially anticipated. As I joined as an apprentice, my team do not expect me to know everything as I am here to learn. They are very happy to go through the work with me so that I can gain a better understanding on what to do and how to do it.

Adjusting to working life has been relatively easy. This has been due to the fact that the first two weeks of the apprenticeship were induction weeks spent with the other apprentices. This allowed us to get into a routine, of waking up at a certain time and having longer days than what I was used to, before I joined my team.

So far my responsibilities have included contributing to keeping the website up to date and helping to maintain the Lloyd’s social media platforms. Alongside this I have been responsible for completing online courses and modules for my digital marketing qualification. I have had many opportunities for additional learning and networking with my manager such as a social media breakfast in London, hosted by Hootsuite, where we learnt more about social media marketing. I also attended a workshop on digital animation, which was great for increasing my knowledge of how videos work. The digital team work with a few different agencies and I have had the opportunity to visit their offices and learn more about what they do. I also have regular workshops with the other apprentices that cover topics such as soft skills, Excel and other IT applications, effective communications and many more.

Being on the apprenticeship scheme is an amazing opportunity and a great start to your career. In the short amount of time I have been here I have been overwhelmed with the responsibility that I have already been given, such as being responsible for uploading pages and making changes to the Lloyd’s website, which allows me to feel like I am making a great contribution to the team.