We assess whether current and future risks are adequately addressed, and mitigating actions in place. This assessment is made in close collaboration with the market and we publish the results in a series of rolling three year strategies.

Vision 2025 is broken down into eight strategic priorities. Each year we adjust the activities we undertake to deliver them to respond to the evolving environment.

In supporting the market to deliver its vision for Lloyd’s, the Corporation’s activities are aligned to its three main responsibilities:

  • Protecting the interests of the market, mainly delivered through Market Oversight and Capital;
  • Promoting Lloyd’s to its customers and other stakeholders, mainly delivered through Global Market Access, Innovation, Brand and Global CSR; and
  • Providing valued support services to Lloyd’s members and market participants, mainly delivered through Ease of Doing Business and Talent.

For 2017 the focus is on making significant progress on initiatives already underway which will have the most material impact on the market. There are five key areas of focus:

  • Market conditions – ensuring a responsible attitude to the challenging insurance industry environment;
  • Brexit – retaining access to EU markets on comparable terms to today
  • London Market Target Operating Model – continuing to deliver, and encourage adoption of, improved services for the market;
  • Solvency II – maintaining Solvency II compliance and applying to the PRA for a major model change; and
  • Corporation Operating Model – delivering an effective and sustainable operating model for the Corporation, that will provide a clearer and more efficient interface with market participants.