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How is risk placed at Lloyd's?

Our market

Every day, people, businesses and communities in over 200 countries and territories rely on the Lloyd’s market to protect what matters most. And every day, more than 50 leading insurance companies, over 350 registered brokers and a global network of over 4,000 coverholder office locations work together in the Lloyd’s market to do just that. 

The majority of business written at Lloyd’s is placed through brokers who facilitate the risk transfer process between clients (policyholders) and underwriters. 

Clients can discuss their risk needs with a broker, a coverholder or a service company. Specialist underwriters for each syndicate then price, underwrite and handle any subsequent claims in relation to the risk.  

Placing a risk

If you’re interested in obtaining insurance cover at Lloyd's you first need to contact a Lloyd’s broker. Our Market Directory tool can help you to find one. 

We’re global

Lloyd's is licensed to do business in over 200 countries and territories. You can obtain information and contacts specific to your country or territory.