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Interactive Guide second edition

January 2022

Interactive Guide and roadmap - workshop recordings and slides

Catch up with the discussions with market firms and active service providers as we create a digital marketplace that is better, faster and cheaper.

What’s in the guide?

The second edition of our Blueprint Two Interactive Guide charts the progress towards delivery of the solutions for the digital marketplace outlined in Blueprint Two, and includes a roadmap detailing dates and key actions your organisation needs to take to effectively implement and benefit from the changes.

View the second edition of the Blueprint Two Interactive Guide and the Blueprint Two: Roadmap (printable version). This printable version of the Blueprint Two Roadmap is best printed on A3 paper, in colour, landscape orientation.

Please download the guide rather than viewing in a browser for full interactivity. PowerPoint 2010 or later required to view this file - please email with any issues.

Voice of the market

Voice of the market

Feedback from across the market has highlighted the power of sharing perspectives and lessons learned. We are grateful to the market leaders who have contributed and shared their experiences of their digital transformation journey. 

Launching our new guide

As part of our engagement with the market, we held a webinar for those working on the implementation of the Blueprint Two solutions. You can watch the recording of the event hosted by Bob James (our Market Execution Director) and Hannah-Kate Smith (our Market Engagement and Communications Director). We have issued a news item with the recording, Q&A that respond to questions raised before and at the webinar; and links to helpful information and resources. Please continue to email us with any questions, suggestions and ideas. 

You can also watch the recording of our launch event below, which begins with an introductory video before a panel of market leaders discuss the changes you can expect to see as we progress our digitalisation strategy. We then walk you through the guide and the Blueprint Two Roadmap.

How to navigate the guide

This short video walks you through the five chapters of the guide: a high-level overview; a deep dive into our solutions; the Blueprint Two Roadmap; perspectives from trusted voices in the market; and useful information.

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