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Our journey so far

A timeline

For over three centuries, the Lloyd’s ecosystem has brought together the collective intelligence and risk-sharing expertise of the market’s underwriters and brokers, to help customers be braver by providing protection and helping to build resilience. 

Through Blueprint Two, Lloyd’s is building solutions that will digitalise our market, making it better, faster, and cheaper for all participants.



Future at Lloyd’s prospectus

In May 2019 we published our Future at Lloyd’s prospectus, inviting market participants to work with us to evolve Lloyd’s for the next generation. The new Lloyd’s will be nimbler and faster, offering our customers outstanding products, services and insight, supported by technology, innovation and flexible, responsive capital. The prospectus was the first step towards turning this ambition into reality.

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Blueprint One

The next step was Blueprint One, in which we set out four key goals: offering better solutions to the risks faced by our customers; delivering better products and services to our customers and capital providers; simplifying the way we work by being more efficient and reducing costs; and building an inclusive culture where everyone feels valued.

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Blueprint Two

Blueprint Two, published in 5 November 2020, brought those ambitions to life and detailed the tangible solutions that we would deliver for the market. Blueprint Two helped our market participants and other stakeholders understand what needed to be done over the next two years in terms of change management to ensure they realised the full benefits of the next phase of Future at Lloyd’s developments. 

It showed how, through the digital ecosystem we’re building, risk placement will be more efficient, and policies created in minutes. It showed how we’re significantly reducing claims lifecycles and how the delegated authority ecosystem will be simplified. Success in all these areas will be powered by a core base of right first time data, complemented by a new suite of digitalised services and innovative technology solutions. 

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Interactive guide - First edition

In May 2021 we released the first edition of our Interactive Guide, designed to help leaders get ready for the new digital marketplace, and prepare to realise the benefits set out in Blueprint Two. It contains short videos, links to articles, and case studies from organisations across the market.

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Interactive Guide second edition January 2022

The second edition of our Interactive Guide, released on 28 January 2022, provides key information about the Future at Lloyd’s and includes a roadmap detailing dates and key actions your organisation needs to take to prepare for the digital marketplace.

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