Since the earliest days of Lloyd’s incorporation, there has been a strong tradition of charitable endeavour. During 2014 the ambition and breadth of the Corporation’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme expanded further and Global CSR was prioritised as one of the Corporation’s strategic priorities. Lloyd’s CSR activities address a number of areas, including the following:

  • Ethics: Working with the market to maintain high standards of integrity and conduct.
  • Global engagement: Making a positive social contribution to the countries in which Lloyd’s operates or seeks to operate.
  • Talent diversity: Supporting a culture where a talented, diverse workforce is valued and proactively encouraged.
  • Industry leadership: Using Lloyd’s position and voice to inform and encourage action on global social and environmental issues of relevance to insurance.

Ready to respond

Building social and urban resilience in the face of disaster is naturally of interest to the Corporation and the market. In April 2014, disaster relief charity RedR received its second annual donation of £100,000 to support Ready to Respond, a three-year programme addressing the particular technical challenges of responding to natural disasters in an urban environment. Clean water is often the first resource to be affected by a natural catastrophe and is vital to human survival. This reality led to the development during 2014 of an urban water and sanitation training course – Urban WASH. 25 specialists from humanitarian organisations and British engineering and construction firms were selected and trained in the complex requirements of urban WASH. Those trained are now forming part of a roster of urban experts for deployment to future urban disaster zones.

In December 2014, Lloyd’s Charities Trust made an additional grant to expand the urban WASH training course to representatives from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. Lloyd’s also supported the training by RedR of 679 aid workers living and working in 49 countries. This is part of a longer-term project that will see over 1,000 NGO staff trained in all aspects of disaster response. Back in London in May 2014, over 120 people, including 78 from the Lloyd’s market, abseiled down the Lloyd’s building, raising £53,000 for RedR’s ongoing work.

A global programme

A commitment to education and social welfare plays out across Lloyd’s international offices and 2014 saw multiple CSR initiatives take place from Canada to China, Singapore to South Africa. In the US, Lloyd’s continued to work closely with the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation, an industry sponsored not-for-profit organisation that brings the collective strength of 100+ brokers and insurers together to provide grants and volunteer services to local communities.

Meanwhile, in November 2014, a delegation from Lloyd’s Shanghai, including representatives from Navigators and Catlin, set out on a two-day journey to visit a primary school in Yunnan funded by Lloyd’s in 2007 following mudslides which destroyed local villages. The visitors helped out in the classroom and donated laptops, school bags and sporting equipment before making the journey home.

A key focus for the CSR team during 2015 will be the further integration of Lloyd’s CSR programme globally.

New talent

2014 marked the 25th anniversary of Lloyd’s Community Programme, which is supported by 50 companies in the market and involved over 2,000 volunteers from the Lloyd’s market during the year. The programme helps young people living in East London to succeed in their education and includes activities as broad as working with ten-year-olds on their literary and numeracy, right up to the awarding of university bursaries.

During the year, Lloyd’s Community Programme Management Board resolved to do more to help local inner London sixth form students and first year undergraduates to develop their professional skills and prepare them for the competitive job market. This resolution inspired the launch of the IntoWork programme in July which, as well as offering advice on job applications and interview skills as part of a one-day conference, offers a mentoring programme supported by recent graduates in the Lloyd’s market. The inaugural IntoWork summer conference in August gathered nearly 100 young people together to attend workshops and hear first-hand from senior leaders across the market.

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