Business Timetable

Lloyd's business timetable provides information on the regulatory and franchisor deadlines that apply to the Lloyd's market including deadline dates, descriptions and links to any relevant market bulletins

20 February 2017

* Deadlines marked with an asterisk are provisional dates

  • Mon 20
    • China Reinsurance Registration
      Confirmation that material, provided to the syndicate by Lloyd’s for review, can be submitted to the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) in order to meet the quarterly reinsurance registration process. Note: This confirmation is only required in relation to syndicates that are registered with CIRC. China Reinsurance Registration
  • Tue 21
  • Wed 22
  • Thu 23
  • Fri 24
    • Tax - Syndicate Level
      Managing agents to complete and return syndicate reinsurance ceded forms. Tax - Syndicate Level
    • Tax - Members Agent and DCP Level
      Members' agents and members to complete and return member-level reinsurance ceded forms for Federal Excise tax purposes Tax - Members Agent and DCP Level
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