Control Framework

What is the Control Framework?

The Control Framework is a structured, documented process for the application and testing of the controls in place to verify and evidence that Tax and Regulatory reporting information is of good quality, accurate and complete. The updated data items specific to tax and regulatory reporting can be found in the 'Downloads' section of this page. Board sign-off is required from each managing agent within the Lloyd’s market.

The initiative, mandated by Lloyd’s, encourages continuous improvement in this area and is Lloyd’s response to ensuring it can satisfy increasing requests for more granular tax and regulatory evidence from the Supervisory Authorities into the future. The Programme is being rolled out in three phases:

Phase Distribution channel Sign-off deadline


Service Companies 30 June 2013


Coverholders 31 December 2015


Open Market TBA

Managing agents will benefit as Lloyd’s will continue to act as the primary respondent to regulatory and tax reporting queries for Lloyd’s business.

Fundamentally, the objectives are to: 

  • “Raise the bar” on quality across our market 
  • Protect managing agents from direct regulatory investigations and penalties for non-compliance 
  • Maintain and enhance the Lloyd’s brand and reputation 
  • Minimise the risk to the overall Lloyd’s licences 
  • Protect and potentially improve the competitive position of the platform.

Where can I get more information? 

Market Breakfast Group

There is a quarterly breakfast group which anyone involved in implementing the Control Framework is welcome to join. It is an informal group for participants to share best practice ideas, issues and experiences in implementing a Control Framework for regulatory and tax reporting (relating to service company and coverholder business). To register, please email

Downloads from the Market Breakfast Group are available via this link. 


General mailbox:

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Alison Dove

Ali Dove
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Jaana Rouvari
Project Manager - Control Framework

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