Coverholder Toolkit

A comprehensive beginner's guide for coverholders new to doing business with Lloyd's, the toolkit provides a high level overview of key topics to help potential and existing coverholders understand areas such as:

  • What is a Lloyd’s coverholder?
  • How can I do business at Lloyd’s?
  • How can I become a Lloyd’s coverholder?

It aims to explain Lloyd’s existing standards and guidance rather than replace or revise existing practices. The toolkit has been developed primarily for new and existing coverholders.

It is also likely to be of interest to staff of Lloyd’s brokers and managing agents whether they place business with coverholders or manage coverholder operations and businesses who are considering becoming a coverholder at Lloyd’s.

These documents were last updated in September 2011.

Coverholder Toolkit | Overview  pdf file
Complete coverholder toolkit

Download the complete coverholder toolkit here or individual chapters below.

Coverholder Toolkit | Overview  pdf file

See the Lloyd's coverholder toolkit chapters

Coverholder Toolkit | Introduction  pdf file
Chapter 1: Introduction

This chapter gives an introduction to the coverholder toolkit. It explains what it is, its development, aims, intended audience and how it is structured.

Coverholder Toolkit | Coverholder at Lloyd's  pdf file
Chapter 2: Coverholders at Lloyd's

This chapter gives an introduction to what is a coverholder, how they work and how they fit into Lloyd’s.

Coverholder Toolkit | The Lloyd's Offer  pdf file
Chapter 3: Lloyd's offer

This chapter gives an introduction to what Lloyd’s offers and what Lloyd’s is looking for from coverholders.

Coverholder Toolkit | Certificates  pdf file
Chapter 5: Certificates

This chapter gives an introduction to the format and content of the insurance documentation, and what you need to know.

Coverholder Toolkit | Compliance Obligations  pdf file
Chapter 10: Compliance obligations

This chapter gives an introduction to some of the key compliance obligations of the coverholder.

Coverholder Toolkit | Regulatory Requirements  pdf file
Chapter 12: Understanding regulatory requirements

This chapter provides an overview of the regulatory requirements that coverholders are expected to adhere to and introduces the tools that Lloyd’s provides to help coverholders meet relevant regulatory requirements.

Coverholder Toolkit | Lloyd's Brand  pdf file
Chapter 13: Lloyd's brand

This document gives an introduction to Lloyd’s brand. It explains how coverholders may refer to Lloyd’s, use Lloyd’s branding on product and corporate marketing materials, and use Lloyd’s branding on insurance documentation.

Coverholder Toolkit | Application Process  pdf file
Chapter 14: The application process

This chapter gives an introduction to the application process for new and existing coverholders. It explains what it is, why it’s required and what the coverholder needs to know.