Report Required

Paid Premium Bordereau.

Who needs to report to Lloyd’s Germany?

Coverholders located in Germany who are writing all classes of business in Germany.

Why does Lloyd’s Germany need this report?

The coverholder provides premium bordereau information so the Lloyd’s German office is able to complete returns to the German Insurance Association (GDV). The GDV articulates and represents the positions of the German insurance industry. However, there is no regulatory requirement on the coverholder to provide this information to the local office. 

The total amount of premiums is also the basis to determine the German Insurance Association (GDV) membership fee. Note: The German Insurance Association (GDV) annual returns are a voluntary service carried out by Lloyd’s Germany and are for statistical purposes only.

When should the report be sent to Lloyd’s Germany?

The report should be provided to Lloyd’s Germany on a monthly basis.

What format does Lloyd’s Germany require the report in?

The bordereau report provided to Lloyd’s Germany office is a data subset of the premium bordereaux provided to London Brokers.

How do I send the report to Lloyd’s Germany?


For a more detailed summary of Lloyd’s Germany reporting requirements, please refer to the Lloyd's Germany local office supplement.

For further information, please contact your local office representative.



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