Regulatory Communications

This section provides the Lloyd's Market with UK and international regulatory changes, regulatory news articles, FSA consultation papers, market bulletins, details about regulatory briefings and updates regarding Solvency II.

Please note that the Regulatory briefings section is only accessible to Lloyd's Market participants who currently have access to the Compliance Repository.  To request access please email

Regulatory Communications table

25/09/2014France: BCR co-insurance schemeRegulatory news articles
25/09/2014Illinois amends surplus lines group coverage and industrial insured provisionsRegulatory news articles
25/09/2014Meet the Market: Chicago and TorontoRegulatory news articles
25/09/2014South Africa: Extensive regulatory reformRegulatory news articles
25/09/2014Update: China Risk Oriented Solvency System (C-ROSS)Regulatory news articles
19/09/2014Lloyd's Regulatory Communications September 2014 NewsletterRegulatory newsletters
18/08/2014Lloyd's Regulatory Communications August 2014 NewsletterRegulatory newsletters
18/08/2014South Korea: Lloyd's registration and trading requirementsRegulatory news articles
18/08/2014Lloyd's completes the Sanctions Market Review projectRegulatory news articles
18/08/2014Australia: New General Insurance Code of PracticeRegulatory news articles
18/08/2014Switzerland: Sickness InsuranceRegulatory news articles
18/08/2014EEA: Determining Freedom of Services and Establishment TransactionsRegulatory news articles
18/08/2014EEA: Notification Of Fourth EU Motor Directive Claims RepresentativesRegulatory news articles
24/07/2014Update: Lloyd's Kentucky Surplus Lines EligibilityRegulatory news articles
24/07/2014Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act ("FATCA")Regulatory news articles
24/07/2014France: New Consumer Protection LawRegulatory news articles
24/07/2014Lloyd's Regulatory Communications July 2014 NewsletterRegulatory newsletters
26/06/2014Resources for Determining Risk LocationRegulatory news articles
26/06/2014EU - New Regulation on clinical trialsRegulatory news articles
26/06/2014Venezuela - New Currency Exchange Control AlternativesRegulatory news articles
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