Regulatory Communications

This section provides the Lloyd's Market with UK and international regulatory changes, regulatory news articles, FSA consultation papers, market bulletins, details about regulatory briefings and updates regarding Solvency II.

Please note that the Regulatory briefings section is only accessible to Lloyd's Market participants who currently have access to the Compliance Repository.  To request access please email

Regulatory Communications table

30/09/2015New US Federal Flood Insurance RegulationsRegulatory news articles
30/09/2015Poland - Compliance with Policy Document RequirementsRegulatory news articles
30/09/2015New Zealand - Unfair Contract Term Provisions for Standard Form Consumer ContractsRegulatory news articles
29/09/2015FCA DP15/4 General Insurance Add-ons Market Study - Remedies: Value MeasuresFCA Consultation papers
29/09/2015FCA DP15/5: Smarter consumer communicationsFCA Consultation papers
24/09/2015Lloyd's Regulatory Communications September 2015 NewsletterRegulatory newsletters
25/08/2015Insurance Distribution Directive agreedRegulatory news articles
24/08/2015Lloyd's Regulatory Communications August 2015 NewsletterRegulatory newsletters
24/08/2015Progress on the proposed EU data protection lawRegulatory news articles
24/08/2015Colombia: Lloyd's representative office approved - Further guidanceRegulatory news articles
24/08/2015Brazil: New reinsurance requirementsRegulatory news articles
28/07/2015US: Marine, Aviation and Transportation (MAT) legislation enacted in Oregon and DelawareRegulatory news articles
28/07/2015Colombia: Lloyd's Representative Office ApprovedRegulatory news articles
28/07/2015Lloyd’s receives approval to open Liaison Office in South Korea Regulatory news articles
27/07/2015Lloyd's Regulatory Communications July 2015 NewsletterRegulatory newsletters
25/06/2015Lloyd’s Regulatory Services: Market consultationRegulatory news articles
25/06/2015New Complaints Notices for Ireland, Norway and SwedenRegulatory news articles
25/06/2015Lloyd's Regulatory Communications June 2015 NewsletterRegulatory newsletters
24/06/2015Resources for Determining Risk LocationRegulatory news articles
21/05/2015Lloyds Regulatory Communications May 2015 NewsletterRegulatory newsletters
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