The insurance of industries

How much do different industries spend on insurance? The research examines the levels of non-life insurance in 16 industries, including transportation, mining, manufacturing, financial services and construction.

Existing sources of research on different industries’ take-up of insurance are few, but we have used available data to examine the different levels of non-life insurance in 16 industries, across 18 countries.

By analysing the ratio of expenditure on insurance by each industry compared to its total output  we have calculated the industrial insurance penetration (IIP) of that industry and ranked each industry accordingly.

Some of the results in this section are surprising. Construction and manufacturing, for example, both appear very low down the ranking.

Our findings for these 16 industries prompt further questions than they can currently answer. We welcome the views and experience from those working within these industries to help provide answers to some of the apparent anomalies found here.


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Live Twitter Q&A

On 5 December 2012, Lloyd’s and the Centre for Economics and Business Research jointly hosted a Twitter discussion how to bridge the global underinsurance gap.

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Global Risk Infographics

We have published a series of infographics which summarise the report's key findings in visual form.

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Case Studies

Analysis of the impact & aftermath of five recent natural disasters & the role insurance played in reconstruction.

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Lloyd's Global Underinsurance ReportThis research shows an annualised deficit of $168bn in 17 countries across the world – many of which are high growth economies.

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