The report in pictures

We have provided a series of infographics which summarise the report’s key findings in visual form.

They are free to reproduce – if credited to Lloyd’s – and provide a clear representation of the cause and effect implications of our research.

Clicking on each infographic will bring it up in full detail. You can also download a hi-res version of each below:

How insurance benefits the global economy.
Global underinsurance levels by country.
The cost of achieving minimum insurance levels.
The growing underinsurance of natural catastrophes.
The link between insurance and GDP growth.
Actions for government, businesses and governments.
A tale of two economies

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Case Studies

Analysis of the impact & aftermath of five recent natural disasters & the role insurance played in reconstruction.

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Lloyd's Global Underinsurance ReportThis research shows an annualised deficit of $168bn in 17 countries across the world – many of which are high growth economies.

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