We have produced a series of factsheets which summarise the key issues and implications raised by the report along with relevant supportive facts and data.

Overview of findings

Overview of findingsThis factsheet provides an overview of the findings of the research carried out by the Centre for Economics and Business Research on global underinsurance. 

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Insurance and the taxpayer

Insurance and the taxpayerThe world is underinsured, but just how much does the taxpayer have to pay to compensate? We analyse recent natural catastrophes globally, the impact of different insurance models and the resulting costs.

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The role of businesses

The role of businessBusinesses transfer risk in a range of ways. We look at how better planning and risk management can save money over the long term, free up funds for investment and allow businesses to better absorb shocks. 

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The role of governements

The role of governmentsWith 17 of the 42 countries analysed underinsured by $168bn a year, what can governments can do to reduce this gap? Three key steps are outlined to ensure non-life markets can help governments mitigate risk.

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The role of the insurance industry

The role of the insurance industryWhile the global insurance industry will benefit from greater take up of insurance, this will require: considerable investment to develop local industry partnerships; developing accurate data and models for new markets; and products which reflect 21st century risks.

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Insurance and growth

Insurance and GrowthOur research shows a relationship between GDP growth and the level of insurance penetration, with a single percentage point increase being associated with an average increase in GDP capita of $6,000 across the sampled countries. Here we examine possible reasons why.

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Global Risk Infographics

We have published a series of infographics which summarise the report's key findings in visual form.

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Case Studies

Analysis of the impact & aftermath of five recent natural disasters & the role insurance played in reconstruction.

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Lloyd's Global Underinsurance ReportThis research shows an annualised deficit of $168bn in 17 countries across the world – many of which are high growth economies.

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