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Lloyd's Risk Index 2013  pdf file
Risk Index 2013

Lloyd's and Ipsos MORI have published a joint report assessing corporate global risk priorities and attitudes.

Wreck removal report  PDF file
The challenges and implications of removing shipwrecks in the 21st century

The cost of dealing with wrecks is rising. We have published a new report which warns that the cost of dealing with shipwrecks is spiralling and the increase in removal cost is often passed to insurers, reinsurers and ship owners.

Lloyd's Global Underinsurance Report  pdf file
Global Underinsurance Report

This research shows, for the first time, an annual gap of $168 billion between the levels of insurance needed and the actual cost to businesses and governments of rebuilding and recovering from major catastrophes.

Arctic Risk Report  pdf file
Arctic Opening: Opportunity and Risk in the High North

Rapid and disruptive change in the Arctic environment presents uneven prospects for investment and economic development.

Risk Index 2011  pdf file
Lloyd's Risk Index 2011

Lloyd's and EIU have published a joint report assessing corporate risk priorities and attitudes around the world. The findings are based on a global survey of over 500 C-suite and Board level executives conducted in August 2011. So, are businesses prepared for the right risks or do they just think they are?

360 Digital Risk Report  pdf file
Managing Digital Risk

Produced by Lloyd's and HP labs, this report suggests that companies are facing a wide range of sophisticated attacks.

Lloyd's 360 Space Weather Report  pdf file
Space Weather

Produced by Lloyd's and RAL Space, this report aims to increase awareness of space weather as a global risk. The report explores the threats to business and highlights ways in which companies can better manage this growing risk.

Globalisation Report  pdf file
Globalisation and risks for business

A new Lloyd's 360 Risk Insight report outlines the implications of Globalisation in an increasingly interconnected world.

360 Energy Security Report  pdf file
Sustainable Energy Security

A new Lloyd's 360 Risk Insight report examines the growing risks to business around securing reliable and sustainable future energy supplies

Water scarcity thumb  pdf file
Global Water Scarcity

This report aims to increase awareness of water as a key resource under threat.