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Colombia: Latin America's new tiger


Sustained economic growth and the introduction of open market policies are creating new opportunities for foreign insurers to diversify their interests in Colombia.

Growing consumerism in China


As China's wealth and consumerism grow, so too does its demand for insurance to protect assets - from homes and cars to works of art, jewellery and fine wine.

Master pieces, master criminals


The FBI puts the worldwide cost of crimes linked to art at nearly $4bn a year – eclipsed only by the drugs and arms trades. And yet fewer than half of stolen works are insured.

Smart devices, real time the future


Soon, billions of objects will have their own IP address. And this connected world could turn insurance models on their heads.

Earthquakes: nature's most destructive force


They’re a daily occurrence, and while the mildest tremors go unnoticed, the most violent tear the countryside apart, reduce cities to rubble and generate terrible personal and economic losses. Better buildings, infrastructure and emergency responses all play a key role in mitigating earthquake risk.

Lloyd's predicts World Cup winner


With the 2014 World Cup now behind us, how did our insurable value measures fare as predictors of success on the pitch?

A Tour de Force for sports underwriters


Pro-cyclists are among the hardest of all athletes to insure, but that doesn’t deter Lloyd’s specialist underwriters.

The space industry wakes up to cyber threat


As the world grows ever more dependent on satellite technology, space operators are beginning to face up to an increasing threat from cyber attacks, according to Denis Bensoussan, Head of Space at Beazley.

Life in the fast lane: Death and disgrace


Big sporting events can mean big money for advertisers and sponsors. But with the costs of potential scandals involving premiership footballers and other leading sports celebrities, these campaigns can come at a price.

Cancellation insurance key for sports hospitality


Race-goers and tennis fans will be praying for good weather in the next few weeks as the British summer sporting calendar gets into full swing with Royal Ascot this week and Wimbledon on Monday.



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