Tom Bolt, Lloyd's Director of Performance Management

Monte Carlo Rendez-vous - the stakes are high


Lloyd’s Director of Performance Management Tom Bolt makes sense of the market noise at the annual reinsurance meeting in Monte Carlo.

Tailoring intelligence for the Lloyd's market


With a decade of experience providing market & competitive intelligence in the London insurance market, we talk to Filip Wuebbeler, Senior Manager of Lloyd’s Market Intelligence team about the importance of monitoring, enhancing & sharing data with the Lloyd's market.

Extreme events require specialist cover


Whether it’s a 150 mile race across the Moroccan desert or an ultra-marathon in the heat of California’s Death Valley, gruelling endurance and extreme sports events are growing in popularity. Robert Murphy, Global Entertainment & Events Practice Leader for insurance broker Marsh, explains how insurance and risk management helps keep such events safe.

The growing threat of cyber risk in the US


The vast majority of property-casualty (nonlife) premium in the US is written by members of the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I), an insurance industry supported trade association. We speak to its President, Dr Robert P. Hartwig about the growing threat of cyber risk and other challenges facing the US insurance market.

Dylan Bryant

Increasing demand for insurance in Asia


A few months into his new role at Lloyd’s as General Representative for Hong Kong, we ask Dylan Bryant about the opportunities and challenges in the Asian insurance market.

Security in numbers - before and after the big game


Control Risks is a global risk consultancy that specialises in helping organisations manage political, integrity and security risks. We spoke to Hans Juergen Stephan, managing director of Control Risks Deutschland GmbH about why effective security at a big event like the World Cup is a crowd pleaser.

Luke Savage, Lloyd's Director of Finance, Risk Management and Operations

Savage impact: From Solvency II to Santa


After ten productive years at Lloyd’s, Luke Savage steps down as Lloyd’s Director of Finance and Operations. We found out what he’s most proud of and what he’ll miss from his decade at the Corporation.

Corporates seek more client focused partnerships with insurers


Risk managers want closer partnerships with their insurers, and would also like to see more bespoke, customer focussed insurance solutions, according to Helen Pope, the new Chair of the UK insurance and risk management association, Airmic.

Allied World shares Lloyd's vision


Having launched its own managing agency in April, Allied World continues to build its Lloyd’s business with an eye to growth in Europe and emerging markets, according to Julian James, who heads the company’s European operations.

Sean McGovern: why staying in the EU is a rational decision


We talk to Lloyd’s Chief Risk Officer & General Counsel, Sean McGovern, about why it’s in the market’s interest for the UK to remain part of the EU.



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