Take cover against 'wildfire unrest'


Trouble on the streets of cities across Brazil is making headlines as football fans everywhere get ready for the World Cup. But civil unrest and political violence is a significant problem in many countries today.

Retail and transport sectors: soft targets


Retail and transport sectors face the highest risk of terrorist attack, according to the latest research from Lloyd’s broker Aon.

Political violence

Risky politics


Political risk in emerging markets is expected to heighten in 2014 as governments look to balance lower economic growth with the increased expectations of their growing populations.

Political violence

Political risk cover gets infrastructure projects off the ground


Whether it’s a high speed train, a wind farm or a sports stadium, infrastructure investment is a hot topic right now. However, the success of such projects can be in jeopardy by exposure to a wide range of political risks.

Concerns rise over increases in political violence


As companies pursue opportunities in emerging markets they increasingly face the threat of political violence from a wide, and often unexpected, range of sources.

Political violence

Increased civil unrest drives demand for political violence cover


Demand for political risk insurance has been rising as civil unrest and political violence continue to threaten businesses around the world.

Political unrest and major sporting events


Sporting events are not immune from the fast pace of political change.

Piracy: High crime on the high seas


Shipowners are calling on governments to curb the escalating threat from Somali pirates. Increasingly audacious attacks are being blamed for strangling key maritime supply routes and for costing the global economy up to $12 billion a year.

The changing face of terrorism


The modern terrorist knows no limits, says Professor Max Taylor, director of the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV) at the University of St. Andrews, the first faculty of its kind in Europe

Oil Pipes

Commodity prices increase nationalisation risk


Political ideology continues to drive the risk of nationalisation for foreign companies operating in some Latin American and African countries. However, rising commodity prices and concern for food and energy security are creating a heightened political risk for foreign companies operating in many other emerging markets.



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