Emerging Risk

IPCC warns of severe and pervasive impacts from climate change


A heightened risk of flooding and increased threats to food and water security, are among the main findings of the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Cassandras and catastronomics


The complex concept of “catastronomics” - how diverse multi-trillion dollar catastrophic scenarios could impact the economy - was under the microscope at a University of Cambridge seminar earlier this month.

Shipping routes through the Arctic

Lloyd’s develops Arctic ice regime to compliment Polar Code


While the Polar Regions offer significant opportunities in oil and gas reserves, they also present extreme and fast changing risks. Due to increased activity in the region, an international code of safety is being developed for ships operating in these waters.

Global risks - the next ten years


Income disparity, extreme weather and the balkanisation of the internet are among the global risks on the agenda at Davos this year.

The rising cost of shipwreck removal


Due to increasing vessel sizes and growing cargo volumes, the cost of removing shipwrecks, such as the stricken Costa Concordia, is spiralling, marine experts warn.

Financing tomorrow's cities


Population growth, urbanisation and climate change are presenting significant challenges for cities now and into the future.

Shaping the agenda


Lloyd’s research into food security and safety aims to enhance industry knowledge about its impact on the risk landscape.

Weather based insurance for farmers


Microinsurance solutions based around weather index products are growing in popularity.

Forest fire

A burning issue


Catastrophic wildfire losses are on the rise, but it’s not just property insurers that are expected to bear the brunt of future claims. According to a new report from Lloyd’s, insurers across several lines of business are warned to be mindful of their exposures, and are reminded that they have an important role to play in mitigating future wildfire risk.

Insuring the unknown


From solar flares to solar planes, the insurance market must constantly assess and take on new risks – even in the absence of historical data.



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