Pen Hadow

Pen Hadow: The role of modern exploration


Pen Hadow on the role of modern exploration in advancing scientific understanding of climate change

global emissions

Copenhagen - A failure, or a few important steps?


The inability of world leaders to agree an historic global deal on limiting greenhouse gas emissions in Copenhagen has caused widespread disappointment. But a landmark agreement among the world’s largest polluters made at the conference could be built upon to form the basis of a future worldwide treaty.

Asteroid heading towards earth

Apocalypse when


NASA will know 'years in advance' if an asteroid impact is imminent.

satelitte and earth

Space - expanding the frontiers of risk


When an 84kg lump of metal was shot into space in 1957, few predicted how satellites would revolutionise our world. Since Sputnik entered orbit and its first crackly signal beeps were picked up back on earth, we have come to rely on satellites for what we see and how we communicate – and even for what the weather will be like.


Worldwide water crisis: time is running out


Water security, like food and energy security, is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Businesses everywhere are beginning to find out that their water supply can no longer be taken for granted


Routes to reputation risk management


Reputation is a business’s most important asset. That intangible asset – what people think about you – takes years to obtain and yet can be lost in days. 2 December 2009.

Rio de Janeiro

Microinsurance presents chances as well as challenges, to international insurers  


Huge opportunities exist for insurers in providing protection for those around the world on the lowest incomes, but they must have patience and tailor their approach to the specific needs of these people. 20 November 2009.


Insurers call for action at Copenhagen summit


In December, delegates from 192 countries will meet in Copenhagen to hold landmark discussions aimed at hammering out a new global agreement on climate change. 11 November 2009.

water scarcity

Can insurance help to combat poverty?


The microinsurance industry, which offers cover to the world’s poorest people, is growing fast and is predicted to double in size over the next few years. Policymakers and aid experts see its development as playing an important role in offering millions of people around the world greater financial peace of mind and a stepping-stone out of poverty. 6 November 2009


British Legion aim to boost Poppy Day contribution   


The Lloyd’s Branch of the Royal British Legion are mobilising volunteers and armed forces personnel.



Celebrating innovation


325 years of Lloyd's: An Extraordinary History

Take a journey through Lloyd's extraordinary 325 year history. From sea vessels to space ships, body parts to natural catastrophes.