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Market Magazine Spring 2014

Between 2000 and 2012, there were 813,856 earthquake fatalities worldwide. In the US there were just two – despite the fact that, during this timeframe, it experienced more than 80 temblors with a magnitude of six or more. Clearly there is much that can be done to mitigate earthquake risk. And in this issue (page 10), we explore the latest advancements.

Our cover story (page 24), meanwhile, delves into the murky world of art  theft, where losses are estimated at up to $4bn annually. It’s not all the stuff of blockbuster movies though – the biggest threat to valuable works is often damage.

We also talk to Sean McGovern, Lloyd’s Director of Risk Management and  General Counsel (page 20), about why it’s in the market’s interests to remain within the EU.

The commercial deployment of drones: a burgeoning sector with massive potential for growth? It’s possible that, in the future, our skies will be crowded with unmanned aerial vehicles, so we get to grips with  the unique risks and regulatory challenges (page 28).

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