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Lloyd’s has been active in France for many years, mainly in reinsurance. After World War II and the move towards insurance regulation in France, Lloyd’s was authorised to underwrite direct insurance business by special decree in 1947. The French market is the largest source of revenue for Lloyd’s in Europe after the UK.

Lloyd’s reports €2.9bn profit for 2015

Lloyd’s, the world’s specialist market for insurance and reinsurance, today announced a profit of €2.9bn for 2015. The results demonstrate Lloyd’s continuing financial strength and sound market-wide performance despite a turbulent macro-economic backdrop.

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Guy-Antonie de La Rochefoucauld

Guy-Antoine de La Rochefoucauld
France Country Manager

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Dorothee Prunier

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Businesses in France and across the European Union are awaiting changes to the Environmental Liability Directive (“ELD”) that could increase their...


Vineyards take cover against hail storms

  • 14 Nov 14

French wine growers can buy insurance against destructive hail storms.


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Guy-Antonie de La Rochefoucauld 

France Country Manager, Guy-Antoine de La Rochefoucauld, introduces Lloyd's in France

The French market provides the second largest source of revenue for Lloyd's after the UK. Lloyd's has had a presence in France for over 60...