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Lloyd's in Japan

Special provisions in the Japan Insurance Business Law allow Lloyd’s members to underwrite non-life business in Japan through a single general agent (coverholder), Lloyd’s Japan Inc.

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Lloyd’s makes it even easier to underwrite Japanese risks through Open Market Model

Lloyd’s has improved the arrangements for the underwriting of risks located in Japan, but controlled outside Japan.

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Iain Ferguson

Iain Ferguson
President, Lloyd's Japan Inc.
Lloyd's General Representative for Japan

t: +81 3 5656 6926
f: +81 3 3504 8855

Annual Report 2014

Lloyd's Annual Report 2014

Open Market Model

The Open Market Model provides new and simpler arrangements for the underwriting of Japan risks controlled from outside Japan and for the issuance of local Japan policies.

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Find out all about Lloyd's in this short overview section detailing what we are, what we do, our financial highlights and ratings.

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