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The information on this website is designed to help licensed US brokers understand the unique nature of Lloyd's and how it operates in the US.

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All Lloyd's syndicates that write surplus lines insurance in the US appear on the NAIC Quarterly Listing of Alien Insurers (IID List)

Lloyd’s reports $3.1bn profit for 2015

Lloyd’s, the world’s specialist market for insurance and reinsurance, today announced a profit of $3.1bn  for 2015. The results demonstrate Lloyd’s continuing financial strength and sound market-wide performance despite a turbulent macro-economic backdrop.

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If you’re an existing Lloyd's policyholder or have a question about purchasing insurance from Lloyd's, please contact your local insurance agent or broker licensed to conduct business in the relevant state.

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Discussing how we improve global resilience. From right to left: Brigadier General Stephen A. Cheney, USMC (Ret.); Erwann Michel-Kerjan, Executive Director of the Risk Management and Decision Processes Center, Wharton; Sean McGovern, Chief Risk Officer & General Counsel, Lloyd’s; Josh Sawislak, Global Director of Resilience, AECOM; and Charles Rath, President and CEO, Resilient Solutions 21.

Pathways to City Resilience

On February 17, Lloyd’s and American Security Project, a nonpartisan national security think-tank, hosted “Pathways to City Resilience”.