For distribution purposes Lloyd's operates a three year accounting system. The link below takes you to the latest syndicate forecasts on a year of account basis.

Syndicate forecast information is provided quarterly by the syndicates for any year of account that has reached or passed the 15 month stage of its development, but has not yet passed its normal date of closure (36 months after commencement).

The forecasts are provided as a range, set out as best and worst case percentages of the capacity for that year of account. The forecasts of wholly aligned syndicates are provided in aggregate at the foot of the table. 

The attached document contains the forecasts for the 2014 and the 2015 years of account at 27 months and 15 months respectively The forecasts for the 2014 year of account at 30 months and for the 2015 year at 18 months will be posted on 10 August 2016.

31 March 2016 (22KB)