Supplier Responsibility

Being a responsible business in the marketplace is about achieving success by treating customers and suppliers fairly and with respect.

For Lloyd's it means using our unique position to work collaboratively with the Lloyd’s market and other partners on important social, ethical and environmental issues. Corporate Social Responsibility does not stop at the staff we employ.

Our strategy also considers issues in relation to our supply chain, including training for relevant staff, developing sustainable procurement guidance and incorporating questions in our tender process on environmental, social and ethical impacts for potential suppliers.

Click below to see our commitment to sustainable procurement and the commitment we expect from our suppliers. 

> Sustainable Procurement

This page provides information on our expectations of our suppliers.

> Living Wage

As part of our new CSR strategy Lloyd’s has been accredited by the Living Wage Foundation as a living wage employer.

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Lloyd's is committed to the six core principles of the Climatewise:

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