Carbon Reduction

The Corporation of Lloyd’s has been measuring its carbon footprint in the UK since 2007.

The Corporation of Lloyd’s most significant environmental impact is through the Lloyd’s Building in the City of London. This houses the Lloyd’s underwriting room, as well as over 60% of the Corporation of Lloyd’s employees.

We aim to reduce our environmental footprint through a combination of environmental and energy reducing activities. These include:

  • Our Environment Working Group, which meets regularly to review our progress against an environmental action plan which covers issues such as waste, transport, energy and procurement.
  • Our International Sustainability Action Programme will be working with our larger international offices undertaking actions encouraging practical initiatives. 
  • 100% renewable electricity – we purchase renewable energy for our main office locations in London and Kent.
  • Recycling and waste reduction initiatives – in January 2012 we launched our zero waste to landfill strategy which means we now have a target to recycle over 85% of the waste from our UK offices. The Corporation’s recycling performance one year on from the launch was 85% in London and 89% in our Chatham office.
  • Transport – video-conferencing technology has been introduced in our UK and international offices to offer an alternative to air travel.

There is also target of 1% energy reduction for the Lloyd's Building in the City of London for 2014.


Lloyd's is playing its part as a key thinker in the ClimateWise inititive, to help the insurance industry reduce the risk for tommorrow.

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