Diversity at Lloyd's

There are a lot of academic descriptions of diversity which can create confusion. But diversity just means difference. It’s the different factors that make up our identity – some of these are visible, others aren’t.

The most obvious ones are gender, race, sexuality and disability. But diversity can also include faith, family circumstance and age. Inclusion is about embracing difference and creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and gets the best out of people.

New report and research from Inclusion@Lloyd's on Diversity & Inclusion in the Lloyd's market


Holding up the mirror reportThe main report, ‘Holding up the Mirror: Reflections on diversity and inclusion in the Lloyd’s market’, looks back at 2015, to highlight events and initiatives from around the market, including a review of the inaugural Dive In festival and its legacy. At its core is a summary of new research on the current D&I practice and aspiration of the Inclusion@Lloyd’s charter signatory firms.

Download 'Holding up the Mirror: Reflections on diversity and inclusion in the Lloyd’s market' 


Holding up the mirror reportThe full research report is also available to download. As well as anonymised and aggregated results on the key aspects of D&I policy and implementation, the research includes in-depth interviews with market executives who share their experiences and insights into rolling out different aspects of D&I strategies

Full research report




Dive In Festival 2015

Highlights from the first market-wide diversity festival

We're on the same team

Diversity profilesInclusion@Lloyd’s is driven by a senior group from the Lloyd’s market

View profiles of the Inclusion@Lloyd's champions

Why it matters - facts and case studies

GraphWe're not getting the best out of people

Concealing sexual orientation at work reduces productivity by up to 30%

People working togetherWe're losing out on talent

Women are now educated to similar levels to men and enter the workforce in similar numbers, yet they hold just one in five board level positions in the FTSE 100

How we promote diversity and inclusion

  • Showing leadership

    Inclusion@Lloyd’s is supporting business leaders to champion diversity. Senior leadership is critically important when it comes to creating an inclusive business culture so we’ve got CEOs signed up to publicly promoting diversity and inclusion. Lloyd’s CEO Inga Beale is sponsoring Inclusion@Lloyd’s and regularly uses her public profile to promote diversity in the workplace.

  • Raising awareness

    Inclusion@Lloyd’s will facilitate discussion, host events and training sessions on diversity and inclusion. Formal learning and informal discussion all help to increase understanding and awareness about the issues.

  • Sharing knowledge

    Inclusion@Lloyd’s members will have a space where they can share what their organisation is doing to promote diversity and inclusion. By learning from each other we can make change happen faster.

  • Increasing transparency

    Inclusion@Lloyd’s will collect statistics on the diversity of employees across the market, so we can benchmark our progress. Transparency on this issue is the only way to understand where we are and where we need to be headed.

  • Creating champions

    Inclusion@Lloyd’s members will each have a senior champion in their organisation. It’s their responsibility to make change within their firm. To be successful inclusion needs accountability.



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