Diversity and Inclusion

Our recruitment programmes are exclusive only in one sense: we’re looking for the very best talent.

However, we’re not putting limits on where that talent might be. What’s more, the only criteria we have in selecting who we employ, promote or develop are how good you are and how well you do. Nothing else.

That’s why Lloyd’s has developed policies to make sure that everyone who applies to work here – or works here already – receives equal treatment and is treated with dignity and respect.

At Lloyd’s we also have a Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee, made up of representatives from across the organisation, that works to encourage diversity and a culture that’s friendly and inclusive.  In the latest employee survey, 92% of employees felt they were treated fairly and with respect at Lloyd’s.

Lloyd’s Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee supports Lloyd’s Vision 2025 in creating a diverse workforce both for the Corporation and the Market.  Lloyd’s also supports the diversity initiative for the Lloyd’s market, Inclusion@Lloyd’s.

Lloyd’s is also a signatory to Opportunity Now, Stonewall and Race for Opportunity initiatives on gender diversity, sexual orientation and race/ethnicity in the workplace and benchmarks itself against UK companies on a regular basis to track performance and encourage progress on diversity issues.

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