Words and numbers

Words and Numbers

Time: One lunchtime a week or fortnight.

Where: A local primary school.

Lloyd’s Community Programme volunteers are active in primary and secondary schools across Tower Hamlets each week – making a huge impact in the lives of hundreds of children.

Literacy and numeracy are the building blocks of a good start in life. They also open up all kinds of opportunities beyond school, whether getting a good job or just getting along socially.

Schools in Tower Hamlets have made impressive strides in helping children achieve more, and our business volunteers build on that good work.

As one of them, you would spend a lunchtime (either once a week or fortnight) working with individual children to make numbers fun, or to help them develop their reading, comprehension and verbal skills. In turn, the children get more than just a leg-up in English and Maths: they get an insight into the world of work and business that is on their doorstep.

The one-to-one interaction with you, an adult from the City, also enhances their communication skills and builds self-confidence. You will find there is nothing like half an hour with an enquiring and enthusiastic nine years old to help inject your day with some fresh energy.

Contact us

For more information please email Michaele Hawkins at Michaele.Hawkins@lloyds.com or telephone +44 (0)207 327 5484.

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