How to apply

Applications for the 2016 Graduate Programme are now open.

Before you apply, do your research.

We don’t expect you to know each and every detail about us, but what we do ask is that you have thought long and hard about why a career at Lloyd’s is for you.  Lloyd’s is affected by world events in a truly unique way.

There is a lot of fascinating debate surrounding many of the issues we’re involved in, so it’s worth familiarising yourself with some of the major topics. Our news centre and Risk Index  web pages are good places to start. Trust us, it’ll be time well spent.

Always research the organisation you are applying to. There is nothing more frustrating to a recruiter than to read an application form or conduct an interview where a candidate doesn’t understand what the organisation does, or confuses it with a business in another industry.

Think about yourself and identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

What really interests you? Where do you excel? Where do you need to improve? What do you want to get out of a career? The more thought you give this, the easier it will be to answer tough questions.

Reflect. If, once you’ve given everything a good deal of thought, you find that your ambitions and interests don’t match ours, take a step back. A career at Lloyd’s won’t suit everyone, We want you to make the best career choice that suits you as an individual.

The complete application process consists of:

  1. Online Application Form
  2. Video Interview
  3. Online Advanced Reasoning Test
  4. Assessment Centre

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2016 vacancies

 Our 2016 vacancies are now open.

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