Lloyd's and WWI

During WWI, everyone was called on to play their part in the war effort. Lloyd’s was no exception.

By June 1916, even before compulsory service was introduced, 2,485 men from Lloyd’s had undertaken military service. Many of those who could not take part in actual combat also relinquished their business duties in order to serve the country in other ways.

Despite the amount of men from Lloyd’s who had committed themselves to the war effort, business had to continue. This war saw the introduction of new weaponry and technology, such as submarines, which presented new challenges when assessing risks. Those who remained at Lloyd’s had to adapt and pull together to ensure the market continued as efficiently as ever.

Lloyd’s contribution during WW1

Lloyd’s contribution to the war did not only come from its workforce; vast sums of money were donated to assist the war effort:

  • Over £100,000 was given to the Red Cross Societies.
  • £46,000 was donated to assist the Young Men’s Christian Association with the provision of canteens and huts.
  • £115,000 was contributed to the Committee of Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund to help the relatives of soldiers and sailors.
  • Ambulances, costing £38,500, were given to the French at the time of the heroic defence of Verdun.

Lloyd’s and the Armistice

After the Armistice was signed, many men from Lloyd’s returned to work after long and arduous service in the Forces. Sadly, there were also those who did not return. The names of those brave men are recorded on the Lloyd’s War Memorial as a tribute to their bravery.

These are copies of the congratulatory telegrams which were sent by the Chairman of Lloyd’s after the signing of the Armistice, and of the telegrams received in response. Click on the images below to view:

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Royal visits to Lloyd's


The Queen Mother opens Lloyd's building (1957)

News reel of the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret visiting Lloyd's

Princess Margaret visiting the Lloyd's building 

Princess Margaret visits Lloyd's (1959)

News reel of the Princess visiting Lloyd's

King and Queen Open Lloyd's Building 

King George V and Queen Mary visit Lloyd's (1928)

A silent movie showing the monarchs visiting Lloyd's