Useful information

Information and standard forms regarding your membership of Lloyd's.

> Address change form

Have you changed your address?

> Capacity auctions

Information about capacity auctions, including the process, rules and guides. Also, find auction newsletters, disclosures and results.

> CPA guidance notes

These notes provide an explanation of the CPA and provide a full breakdown of your underwriting results, as at 31 December 2014.

> DCP guidance notes

These notes provide an explanation of the various requirements associated with DCP membership.

> Director and Controller Information

Are you intending to change your Director(s) or Controller(s) of your Corporate Member? Please complete the online forms to obtain Lloyd’s prior consent.

> Dividend and interest instructions

Keep us up to date with any changes to your interest or dividend payment details.

> Funds at Lloyd's

The value of a members funds at Lloyd's is largely determined by the level of insurance business they underwrite.

> Market Services' Organisational Chart

Market Services' management structure chart as at December 2014.

> Market Services - Team Descriptions

A brief synopsis of team responsibilities is available here

> Market Services' Timeline

A year in the life of Market Services.

> Membership Overview

Lloyd's is not an insurance company. It is an insurance market of corporate and individual members who conduct their insurance business in syndicates run by managing agents.

> Proxy Voting and Reports and Accounts

Market Services has introduced a number of new services for UK securities holders with regard to proxy voting, meeting attendance and company report and accounts.

> Syndicate reports and accounts

Lloyd's syndicate reports and accounts for years end from 31 December 2005 to 31 December 2013.