Santa chooses Lloyd's for insurance cover

Lloyd’s of London, the specialist insurer, has issued the first insurance policy to protect Santa Claus, according to Santa’s helpers.

The personal accident policy covers Mr. Claus until the 25th of December in the event of accident and illness, in the run up to, and during his worldwide travels to deliver presents to good children. 

Underwriters in the Lloyd’s market refused to confirm the existence of the policy or disclose policy details, saying they are devoted to protecting client confidentiality.  However, Santa’s team said Lloyd’s underwriters also created a special 24-hour telephone helpline for Santa in the event of an emergency, which will provide for his immediate evacuation from any location or time zone on earth or in earth’s air space.  The insurance market would also pay for any medical treatment Santa requires in the event of an accident.

Santa Claus said, “As Lloyd’s Chairman Lord Levene says, the world is an increasingly dangerous place, from terrorist threats to extreme weather conditions.  My elves convinced me that the risks of remaining uninsured were just too great, given the weight of my responsibilities.”

It is understood that the Lloyd’s policy also includes a provision to indemnify Santa in the event of being sued for not delivering their presents. 

Jonathan Thomas, Accident & Health Underwriter at Watkins Syndicate, is thought likely to be the lead underwriter on the policy, based on his track record of insuring unusual risks for people all over the world.  When asked whether he had received any recent calls from brokers based in the North Pole, Thomas refused to comment, but enigmatically stroked the long white beard he has only recently begun wearing.  Thomas did however agree to reply to some general questions about insuring Santa.

“Mr. Claus has a clean loss record, but a very risky job, given the billions of children’s homes he must visit in one night.  I am sure that if Lloyd's was to cover him they would be working with his team to ensure this client has robust risk management practices in place,” said Thomas. 

Thomas  went on to say that for Santa to get a Lloyd’s policy, it would be highly likely he would need to submit a full physical examination, along with a flight map describing his planned route this year.  Underwriters would also want to see an International Aircraft Certification for Santa’s sleigh, given it must travel faster than the speed of light.  He added that the expertise of a Lloyd's Livestock underwriter would be consulted to confirm that each of the nine flying reindeer were fit and healthy. 

When asked why he went to Lloyd’s to get cover, Mr. Claus said, “Where else would I go but to the world’s leading specialist insurance market?  There are plenty of insurers out there, but they just don’t have the appetite or expertise to take on the unique risks.  Plus, with Lloyd’s, you know they’re always going to pay valid claims, as they have for over 300 years.”

“At my advanced age, I feel a definite community of interest with another venerable institution that has also earned a reputation for delivering on its promises," Claus added.

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