Lloyd's follows the six core principles of the Climatewise initiative to respond to the challenge of climate change.

Lloyd's was a founding signatory of the Climatewise principles for the insurance industry in September 2007. The initiative encourages insurance companies worldwide to respond to the challenge of climate change as quickly and effectively as possible.

Forty insurance companies are members, including fifteen managing agents in the Lloyd's market. Climatewise's six core principles form the framework of Lloyd's approach to responding to climate change:

  1. Support Risk Analysis
  2. Inform Public Policy Making
  3. Support Climate Awareness
  4. Incorporate Climate Change into our Investment Strategies
  5. Reduce our Environmental Impact
  6. Report and Be Accountable

At Lloyd’s we’re always striving to do more to better the environment. Lloyd’s Environmental Working Group meets regularly to discuss environmental improvements. Successful initiatives in place include:

  • A comprehensive recycling system at Lime Street and Chatham
  • An annual environmental action plan including energy saving initiatives, waste reduction
  • Annual public reporting of Corporation carbon footprint
  • Carbon offsetting is purchased to mitigate the environmental impact of Corporation employees’ flights

> ClimateWise

The insurance sector enables business and individuals to manage risk including long-term threats such as climate change. And the long-term stability of our economy hinges on an appropriate response to this threat.

> Carbon Reduction

The Corporation of Lloyd’s has been measuring its carbon footprint in the UK since 2007.


Lloyd's is playing its part as a key thinker in the ClimateWise inititive, to help the insurance industry reduce the risk for tommorrow.

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Trevor Maynard 

Trevor Maynard on climate change

Trevor Maynard, head of Lloyd's exposure management and reinsurance team, explains Lloyd's involvement in Climatewise.

Chimi Chweya, Assistant Investment Manager 

Chimi Chweya on incorporating Climatewise into our investment strategies

How is Lloyd's taking action and incorporating climate change into our investment strategies?

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Zoe Baker on environmental issues

Zoe Baker on how Lloyd's is tackling environmental issues such as printing and paper usage.